Name:            A. Elisabeth Sauer-Eriksson
Date of birth:   June 4, 1959 in Nyköping, Sweden
Email:               elisabeth.sauer-eriksson at
1979-1983       B.S. in Chemistry at University of Uppsala
1983-1988       Ph.D., Institute of Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden. Supervisor: Prof. Anders Liljas. Thesis title “Structural differences between high and low    forms of carbonic anhydrase” Faculty opponent Prof. Guy Dodson, York Structural Biology Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of York, York Y010 5DD, UK
1993                 Docent in Molecular Biology, Uppsala University
Research Experiences
1980-1983       Student in chemistry and biochemistry at University of Uppsala, Sweden
1983-1988       Graduate student, Institute of Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden.
1989-1991        Research Associate (Post-Doc), Prof. Brian W. Matthews, Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA
1991-1992        Research Associate (NFR Forskarassistent tjänst), Prof. Alwyn Jones laboratory, Institute of Mol. Biology, University of Uppsala, Sweden
1992-1993        Visiting scientist, Prof. Matti Saraste and Prof. Rik Wierengas laboratories, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany. (6 months)
1993-2000       Appointed Associate Professor “NFR särskild forskartjänst i proteiners struktur och funktion”
1993-1996        Associate Professor, Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Uppsala
1996-2005       Associate Professor, Group leader, Umeå Center of Molecular Pathogenesis, UCMP, Umeå University, Sweden
2005-                Appointed professor in structural biology, Umeå University (UmU), Sweden.

Professional activities at Umeå University
1997-2008       Föreståndare/Prefekt UCMP (~ 45 persons)
1997-2000       Board member, Umeå Center for Molecular Medicine, UCMM
2005-2008      Board member. Faculty of Science and Technology, UmU
2011-01 –          Deputy Head of Department/Biträdande prefekt with responsibility for the PhD program at the Chemistry Department, UmU

Other professional activities and rewards outside Umeå
2003                “Excellent research” award in medicine from the Swedish Research Science Council.
2004                 Gustafsson price in molecular biology. 4.600.000 SEK for three years.
2006-2010      Swedish Research Science Council (VR), committee Biochemistry and Biophysics (NT-E, NT-D1). 2010-Chairperson
2006-2007      The strategic advisory committee, Life science (livsvetenskapsgruppen), Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF).
2007-               Board member of the KVA National Committee of Chemistry. Swedish representative at ECA and IUCr assemblies.
2007                 Arrhenius-medal in Chemistry
2008-2009     Swedish Research Science Council (VR), Board member of the Committee for Natural and Engineering Sciences (NT-rådet)
2010                 Evaluation committee, SSF “Framtidens Forskningsledare och Framtidens Tvärvetenskapliga Forskningsledare”
2011                  Evaluation committee, VR-NT Post-doc program
2011, 2013       Evaluation committee, VR Röntgen-Ångström Clusters, RÅC
2011-11-           Member of UCMR management team.
2012                  Awarded “Nordeas Prize in life Science”
2013-2014       Max IV, Member of BioMAX Advisory Group
2013-2016       Chairperson for Swedstruct – the Swedish node for Instruct
2013-2016       Board member in CBCS (
2014                 KAV National Committee of Chemistry, Chair, Celebration of the International year of Crystallography (
2015, 2016      KA Wallenberg evaluation committee – Wallenberg Fellow
2016-2018      Member of the Natural Science panel, Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF)
2018-2021      Member of the Executive Council of the Protein Society (
2020                Swedish Research Science Council (VR), committee Biochemistry and Structural Biology (NT-9). Vice-Chairperson
2021                Swedish Research Science Council (VR), committee Biochemistry Molecular Biology, and Structural Biology (NT-F). Member

PhD research student supervision as main supervisor
Therese Eneqvist, Ph.D. 2001 
Andreas Hörnberg, Ph.D. 2004 
Erik Lundberg, Ph.D. 2006
Anders Karlsson, Ph.D. 2008 
Ulrika Hultdin, Ph.D. 2010 
Aaron Edwin, Ph.D. 2014 
Lina Nilsson, Ph.D. 2017 (shared with Anders Olofsson).
Melanie Oelker, Ph.D. planned for 2021-11-04

Post doctors as main supervisor
Talal Gariani  1997-2000
Shenghua Huang   1997-2001
Tobias Hainzl   2000-2004
Anders Olofsson   2005-2007
Anders Öhman   2007-2008
Gitte Meriläinen   2009-2011
Matthew Hogg   2013-2015 – Shared with Erik Johansson
Afshan Begum   2012-2016
Josy ter Beek 2016-2017 – Shared with Erik Johansson
Cecilia Lindgren, 2018-2019, Post-doc (shared with Fredrik Almqvist)
Current group (Sept 2021)
Tobias Hainzl, Researcher
Melanie Oelker PhD student
Irina Iakovleva, Research engineer
Natalia Mojica Cortes, PhD student

Invited referee for international journals
Science, Nature, NSMB, PNAS, EMBO J., Amyloid,  Protein Science, Journal of Medical Chemistry, Acta Crystallographica D,F, Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, FEBS letter, Structure, Biochemistry, J. Medical Genetics, J. Molecular Biology, J. Biological Chemistry
Editorial Board member:
Amyloid: The Journal of Protein Folding Disorders, 2006 – current
Protein Science, 2014 – current

Umeå, 1 September, 2021